Anisomasty – Asymmetry

Why choose surgical correction of Anisomastia

It is normal for women to have some differences in the size of each breast. However, for some women, the difference in size and shape of each breast is much greater. We understand that this asymmetry can make a woman feel very embarrassed about her appearance, as well as cause difficulties in adjusting her bra and clothes.

There are several options for improving inequality. Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos is a specialist in this field, correcting very important and difficult cases of patients with anomalies. To do this, many different techniques are applied on a case-by-patient basis, based on the combination of Breast Reduction, Breast Enhancement (Mastopexy), Silicone Breast Enlargement, Autologous Fat Removal and Breast Reconstruction. tissue and permanent silicone inserts.

Asymmetry types

There are three types of asymmetry:

1) Breast Growth Asymmetry-Anisomasty

Breast Developmental Asymmetry is the most common type of Anisomasty, where the two breasts have a regular shape, different in size. A common type of anisomism that falls into this group is the existence of a small, conical shape, protruding breast and a larger, not so conical breast with accompanying fall.

2) «Tubular» Breast

It is an abnormality concerning the shape of the breast-tubular. In these cases, the breast / breast is tubular in shape, its parenchyma is mainly encapsulated and confined behind the nipple, with a very small base, a taller submultiple aspect than the normal and usually very small size, with a fall and a disproportionately large nipple .

3) Poland syndrome

This occurs when there is an absence of the underlying muscles and in some cases the sides.

Treatment / Treatment

The choice of method will depend on the size and shape of your breasts, and whether you want to correct one or both of the breasts. If the problem is just a matter of size, there are three options:

Please contact us to make an appointment with Mr. Constantine Benetatos, who will be able to advise you on the best choice of technique to correct any asymmetry.

Recovery from Breast Asymmetry Correction

Your recovery will depend on the method of intervention that you have submitted and can be further discussed with Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos during your session.

Possible Complications of Breast Asymmetry Correction

The risks of this surgery are not high, but will depend on the exact method of surgery that is being applied. For more details, refer to the respective sections Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction.