Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Osteoplasty is a term used to include all breast reconstruction techniques after surgical treatment of breast cancer. During surgical procedures the surgeon can remove the cancer and simultaneously restore the shape and volume of the breast.

Therapeutic Optoplasty / Mammoplasty

Therapeutic ophthalmology combines the resection of breast cancer with simultaneous remodeling using the breast reduction techniques. This means that even if a large piece of breast is removed, the final shape after surgery will still be good enough if not better. This method usually involves not only the sufferer breast but at the same time the healthy, which is simply a reduction and recovery procedure. Without the use of these techniques, the same resection for cancer would leave a residual malformation. This technique is only suitable for those patients whose type and size of cancer allow for conservative resection by maintaining the breast (for further information, see breast cancer treatment) and for those in which sufficient mammary tissue will remain after a wide local tumor resection, in order to re-form a satisfactory breast shape. Patients will almost always be exposed to radiation after surgery.

The recovery time of the patient is approximately the same as the recovery time after the Sleeping Breast surgery.

Other Breast Surgery Oncology Techniques

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In addition to the aforementioned Breast Reduction surgery, there is also a technique involving the use of skin and fat from the region of the back, axillary region or the lateral chest wall in order to restore the deficit created after the excision of the volume. The most common donor area for the use of skin and fat from the lateral chest wall is called the Lateral Intercostal Artery Perforator Flap. With this technique the breast retains the volume as well as the shape it had before the surgery for the resection of the cancer.

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