Breast Reconstruction Using Tissue from the Buttocks & the Inner Thigh


Although the area of ​​the abdomen and the back is the most commonly used area in a breast reconstruction surgery, it is also possible that the graft can also be taken from other areas of the body. Alternative areas used are the medial surface of the thighs (known as the Upper Gracilis flap) and the buttocks (S-GAP or I-GAP flap). Other methods use the posterior lateral iliac area called the Rubens flap. If you are considering a breast reconstruction surgery, Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos will discuss with you, during your session, which are the most appropriate areas from which the implant can be taken to achieve the best possible result with security for you.

Tissue from the Buttocks - The Operation In Short

This rehabilitation procedure involves the use of skin and fat flaps from the buttocks area, either from the top where it is called the Superior Glouteal Artery Perforator flap or the Inferior Glouteal Artery Perforator flap, , and is performed by applying microsurgical techniques . In most patients, the fat obtained from the buttock area is more compact than other areas of the body, leaving a slight sense of hardness on the restored breast. However, for the appropriate patient, this procedure, in the absence of other options, can be a very good alternative.

Tissue from the Inner Thigh or TUG - The Operation in Short

This transverse Upper Gracilis flap uses the skin and fat from the upper medial surface of the thighs and leaves a scar just below the groin which spreads from the front to the gluteal fold. By applying microsurgical techniques, the tissue is transferred to the removed breast and this procedure has a ninety-five percent ninety-nine percent success rate (95-99%).

The surgery has the potential to restore only a small or moderate breast size and is therefore not considered appropriate for all patients. However, in some cases it is used to restore part of the breast. However, if the patient wants a larger, fuller and more breast, it is possible with the application of Fat Injection Techniques to the area, at a second time, that the restored breast reaches the desired size.

Recovery from Operation and Final Outcome

Nursing duration

The duration of the patient’s stay in the hospital is usually three to six days, and the surgery lasts from three to five (3-5) hours.


Patients will need to remain bedridden for two days, when adding a bladder catheter will be necessary. Then, after four days they will be able to move, and after ten days to walk without feeling any inconvenience. After four weeks of recovery, they will be able to exercise, and after three to four months they will have fully recovered and will be able to return to their workplace.

Bandages - Brassieres

The bandages that patients will have in the surgical site should remain for about two to four weeks.

There is a possibility that approximately three percent (3%) of postoperative problems appear, including partial or complete failure of the surgery.

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