Mommy Makeover

Why Choose Mommy Makeover Operation?

By Mommy Makeover or Mother’s Transformation we mean doing two or more aesthetic surgery – usually breast augmentation or breast reduction with abdominoplasty – at the same surgical session. It has the advantage of a single recovery time, so the patient does not need to undergo a second anesthesia. If you decide to choose the combination of multiple interventions, Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos will discuss during your visit the selection of interventions that will improve your appearance according to your needs and requirements. Mommy Makeover is absolutely safe and practical, but it is important that the patient is aware that as the number of surgeries increases, the possibility of post-operative complications is increased.

The Operation In Short

Mother’s Reconstruction or Mommy Makeover is a common combination surgery that allows for significant body changes, again giving the woman a lost self-confidence due to the changes that occurred during the pregnancy. It’a about a common combination of abdominal surgery with a Breast Surgery (Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift or a combination of these), and in some cases, if necessary, Liposuction can be added to a small area. The combination of Abdominoplasty with a breast surgery does not increase the patient’s recovery time, as the breast area recovers and heats faster than the abdominal region during abdominal pain. The usual time for a Mommy Makeoversurgery is from two to one (2,5) to four (4) hours, depending on the exact combination of interventions.

Are you a suitable candidate for Mommy Makeover?

Mr. Constantinos Benetatos during your visit will assess whether this surgical intervention option is right for you. Multiple aesthetic interventions are only performed when it is certain that an operation will not affect the outcome of the other and that it will be absolutely safe for the patient. Some patients, such as smokers, overweight and those with a history of vascular thrombosis, have a higher incidence of complications, which makes them unsuitable for long-term surgeries. In this case, Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos prefers to separate the interventions in two separate sessions.


A complete medical history should be taken before each surgery. As a precautionary measure, doctors without prescription or herbal products / drugs should not be taken before surgery and for 3 days afterwards. Also, strict non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as salospir, ibuprofen (Nurofen), diclofenac (Voltaren) and any other anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy should be avoided in consultation with the treating physician. It would also be very helpful to bring a list of any prescription medicines you receive for your preoperative control.


If you are a smoker / smoker, try to quit smoking for the duration of each surgery as this will dramatically reduce the chance of post-operative complications.

Recovery from Mommy Makeover

Your recovery time will depend on the interventions you will be subjected to. For further information, please refer to the sections of the surgeries, however, you can solve all your possible questions with Konstantinos Benetato during your visit.

Potential Complications from Mommy Makeover

In longer surgical procedures, there is an increased likelihood of post-operative complications such as respiratory infection, hematoma or many traumatic surfaces at the same time. Complications such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism are particularly rare in individual interventions, but may occur in longer-term surgeries and, when they occur, may be severe enough. It is very important to take these risks into account before combining aesthetic interventions.