Facial Fat Grafting

Why Choose Permanent Injectable Implants (Fat)?

Injectable implants or Fillers are the best method for eliminating deep wrinkles in the face, but also an excellent form of treatment to improve the volume of areas that you are concerned with and possibly lost over time. These are non-invasive curative treatments that are performed with or without local anesthesia.

Autologous Fat

Autologous Fat (fat from our own body) belongs to the category of permanent implants. It is taken from the patient’s own fatty tissue, from an area where there is excess, and after special treatment it is re-injected using very fine needles in the area where it is desired, giving a permanent effect to the tumor growth. Literally only forty to fifty percent (40 to 50%) of fat injected survives each time, and it is also what remains permanently in the treated area. However, it is very important to note that the amount of fat that survives is practically from ten to 100 percent (10 to 100 percent), which should be fully understood before the patient undergoes this intervention.

Fat injections can be applied to the area of ​​the face to improve deep wrinkles, scars, and lip enhancement, and areas that have become thinner over time. The great advantage of the autologous fat transfer technique is the permanence of the result. This surgery can be repeated as many times as needed to achieve the desired effect.

Recovery after using implants

Duration of treatment

The treatment of autologous fat injection will take about thirty to forty five (30 to 45) minutes. For the treatment of small areas, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

Time of Recovery

With autologous fat transfer, the treated area will appear for a few hours after the procedure is slightly red and swollen, and if the treatment is applied to the lips, a slight swelling may occur for a longer period of time. In some cases there will be some bruises / bruises, but they will recede completely at the end of two weeks.

Time of Abstinence from Exercise

Patients should avoid intense exercise on the day of treatment.

Final Results After Treatment with Injection Implants

You will be able to see the results directly. Initially, it will be slightly more intense than expected, especially with the use of autologous fat, due to tissue swelling, but it will soon recede. However, the final result will be twenty-four to seventy-two (24 to 72) hours.

Autologous Fat

Autologous Fat Injections are more unpredictable in terms of their survival time. From the fat that is injected, it will remain lifeless, and it is usually forty to fifty percent (40-50%) of the fat injected each time.