LASER Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth is a matter of great concern to women, especially to the Mediterranean peoples who are more prominent. This is mainly due to inheritance but also to hormonal problems such as that of polycystic ovaries. The hair removal LASER is the most effective method of hair removal is currently the world with permanent results without pain and complications. It is essential before any attempt at permanent LASER depilation to consult your endocrinologist to resolve any hormonal problems that will alter the result.

In the office of Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos you will find the latest technology with cutting-edge machines. The Gentle Lase Pro the house Candela LASER Corporation is an evolution in LASER hair removal . This is the most updated version of the safest and most efficient 755nm LASER Alexandrite system that makes it even faster and more efficient. Its action is based on the selective photothermolysis of those elements that carry melanin (strain and hair follicle) in combination with a state-of-the-art cooling system for skin protection. In this way definitive epilation is achieved, minimizing possible complications, such as very frequent skin burns with the previous LASER generation.

The process in brief

The application of LASER depilation treatment is done exclusively by a medical team. During the LASER depilation session, the hair should be 2-3mm long, as longer hair absorbs energy in the stem and does not transport it to the pouch to destroy it. We scan all the area we want and the process should be repeated every 30-40 days. Formality in dating is also the key to permanent hair removal, as the aim is to destroy the hair follicles that are in their regenerative phase (three phases of hair follicles: regenerative, catheterization, telogenic). It will take about 6-7 sessions per area to achieve definitive epilation, as only 15-20% of the hair follicles are in the regenerative phase each time.

The Gentle Lase Pro has a dual cooling system (before and after releasing the LASER beam), making it painless and safe (it does not cause burns).

After treatment, there may be a slight erythema which subsides within a few days. Some moisturizers as well as sunscreen that Mr. Benetatos will recommend for the next few days should also be applied. This method has been approved by the FDA as the safest and most effective method for permanent hair removal.


This unique and impressive technology is available at Benetatos’ surgery to ensure safer application of LASER therapies, eliminating any possibility of complications or burns. SKINTEL technology “reads” the amount of melanin that is present in the skin and regulates the intensity with which the treatment will be applied to avoid collateral and undesirable lesions such as burns and hyperpigmentation, complications that were particularly common in the past with previous technologies.