LASER Skin Resurfacing

The Palomar / Cynosure LASER Fractional Erbium Glass 1540nm is the best and most effective method for skin reconstruction. The procedure is very simple – micro-injuries are created in the deep layers of the skin, those that are responsible for the tightness of the skin and the body in its attempt to reconstruct the damaged areas deposits collagen and elastin. In the Fractional sense, we mean nothing more than the “fractionation” of a LASER beam, which may be of a more recent or old technology.

In his office, Mr. Constantinos Benetatos offers you one of the most modern and efficient LASER technologies, such as Palomar’s Erbium Glass 1540nm, which leaves the skin intact and penetrates the layers we want. The LASER Fractional Erbium Glass 1540nm is non-ablative, which means that the recovery time is minimized (just two days) without any reduction in its effectiveness, which is essential for the Greek population living in such a sunny country. The process of rebuilding the organization lasts about four weeks and the result of each session appears to be about a month with forty days. For optimization of the result, we follow as a protocol at least three LASER Fractional sessions in combination with three autologous PRP mesotherapies per year.



The only contraindication for the application of Fractional Erbium Glass 1540nm is patients who are treated with isotretinoin (Roacutane) and those who have active viral herpes zoster infection (on an outbreak) and want treatment in the face.

Ask Mr. Constantine Benetato during your visit if you are a candidate for Fractional Erbium Glass 1540nm treatment.