Why choose Photorealysis

One of the most important anti-aging methods is photoprocessing. By photoplaning we mean skin stimulation with LASER which emits light in order to produce collagen and elastin in the area we treat, as well as the destruction of pigmentary and vascular lesions. In the Benetatus clinic you will find the most modern OPL (Optimized Pulsed Light), which is the evolution of previous and outdated IPL technology (Intensed Pulsed Light). At the same time it uses SKINTEL technology for greater safety and efficiency, eliminating the possibility of complications and burns.

LASER OPL (Optimized Pulsed Light)

The OPL (Optimized Pulsed Light) is the evolution of the IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light). Its significant difference lies in the fact that OPL technology selectively devastates – selective photothermolysis – pigmented and vascular lesions without causing damage to healthy skin around.



This unique and impressive technology is available at Benetatos’ surgery to ensure safer application of LASER therapies (eliminating any possibility of complications or burns). SKINTEL technology scans the amount of melanin that is present on the skin and regulates the intensity with which the treatment will be applied to avoid collateral and undesirable lesions such as burns and hyperpigmentation, complications that were common in the past with previous technologies .