Facial Plastic Surgery For Men

Overview of Aesthetic Face Surgery

A growing number of men now enjoy the benefits of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which helps them to look and feel better. Mr. Constantinos Benetatos as a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon can apply the most advanced techniques of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to give you the best possible results.

Whether you want to improve the effects of aging or fix a specific problem, Mr Benetatos can offer you great results while maintaining your manly appearance.

Mr. Benetatos offers a large number of Facial Surgery, including Facelift, Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty.


A complete medical history should be taken before each surgery. As a precautionary measure, doctors without prescription or herbal products / drugs should not be taken before surgery and for 3 days afterwards. Also, strict non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as salospir, ibuprofen (Nurofen), diclofenac (Voltaren) and any other anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy should be avoided in consultation with the treating physician. It would also be very helpful to bring a list of any prescription medicines you receive for your preoperative control.


If you are a smoker try to quit smoking at least six weeks before and one week after surgery as this will dramatically reduce the chance of post-operative complications.

Blepharoplasty in Men

The “eyelid” bags are a combination of excess skin in the area of ​​the eyelid, with or without swelling of the fat located below and behind the eyelid. Bags can make the eye look aged, tired and swollen and consist of both skin and fat, which varies between people. Mr Benetatos can correct both the upper and lower eyelid area.

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Men tend to have lower and more flat eyebrows, which means that the incision hides extremely well in the new aspect of the eyelid and weakens well in the long run.

Lower eyelid Blepharoplasty

The incision in the lower eyelid becomes either inside the eyelid, so it never seems, or sometimes 1mm below the eyelashes when it comes to removing skin from the lower eyelid. In these cases, the incision will be a little more apparent in the first few weeks after surgery, but it will diminish to a fairly satisfactory degree over time to a point where it will be totally indistinct.

Menstrual Impairment / Radiocytoma - Facelift

As the face ages and in combination with the effect of sunlight, deep wrinkles grow, the neck relaxes, the fat atrophies losing its volume, and the skin loses its tone and elasticity, so it hangs in specific areas where is firmly attached to the underlying skeleton of the face, such as nasopharyngeal regions and jaws in the jaw. In addition, the underlying muscles relax, resulting in the total relaxation (drooping) of the facial tissues. The Face Rhytidectomy / Face Recovery or otherwise our all-known Facelift can partially reverse these changes, especially in the neck and jaw line. This operation can be performed either on its own or in combination with other interventions that aim to improve the person’s overall. Such interventions are blepharoplasty, fat removal from the throat, injection of fat into the cheekbones to help fill the middle face and lift the browlift tissues.

It is important to know that if the male patient has a hair loss then the placement of the incision may be a minor problem as it is difficult to conceal within the scalp. In these cases, the short scar facelift technique is preferred, as the incision in the temporal area can be modified to further mask it.

A common problem that occurs in male patients undergoing a facelift is that the hairy skin of the face is transported to areas that are as normal as in front of the ear. A possible complication of the erythectomy is also bleeding and the formation of a small hematoma. Finally, due to the fact that male patients have a common consistency, thicker and heavier skin than women in the face, Facial Anortization may seem less “intense” than a corresponding correction in the opposite sex.

Despite the possible appearance of some complications, male rash / Facelift is an intervention with very good and beneficial results for men. Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos may further discuss with you about the surgery during your session.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Whether you feel your nose is long, or too long or has a hump on its back, this surgery can make a big difference to your overall appearance and self-esteem.

Functional Rhinoplasty is a relatively common procedure for men, with the most frequent demand for correction of the nose / hump of the nose combined with correction of breathing function. It is important to know that due to the increased thickness of the male nose skin, it may sometimes be difficult to make changes to the nose / tip of the nose. However, your particular requirements will be discussed and thoroughly evaluated by Mr. Benetato during your session.