Scar Revision

Poor quality scars may occur as a result of injuries (surgical or non-surgical) that their initial healing has not been uninterrupted and short (due to infection, poor suture, tendency to wound, foreign body, etc) or an inherent problem in the healing of each patient.

Depending on the patient’s case, Mr. Constantin Benetatos can offer a range of interventions such as direct scar removal and retraction with a special plastic surgery technique (plastic Z or W type) and non-invasive as the latest Laser Fractional Palomar’s Erbium Glass 1540nm, steroid injection, silicone gel patches, and scissors pressure application. The choice of the most appropriate treatment can be discussed with Mr. Benetato during your visit.

The two most common types of problem scars are Hypertrophic Scars and Cheloids.

Hypertrophic Scar

Appears in the form of scarred scars which usually take one to five years for their full retreat. The end result is a slightly wider but flat and pale scar which can be thinner and less absorbable.


It may appear as a swollen and red scar, with its limits extending beyond those of the original scar. This type of scar tends to occur more often in patients of the black race, however, it is not limited to this type of skin. Over time, the scar will not shrink or flatten, but it will become much more stable, elevated, tough, and it will have itchy (itchy) symptoms.

When a lobster is removed, initially the area where the excision has taken place will always look better. However, it is important to note that the scar may reappear over time ranging from twenty to a percent (20% -100%). For this reason, other treatment options should be carefully considered before the patient undergoes a lipo-repair surgery. It is one of the most difficult problems in plastic surgery. Combination treatments such as local steroid injection, Laser Fractional Erbium Glass 1540nm, push therapy or surgical resection with intraoperative cortisone injection are some of the options offered by Mr. Benetatos for a fuller treatment of the problem.

Postoperative or post-traumatic / metalizing scars

Post-operative or post-traumatic scars can be easily corrected and improved with Laser Fractional Erbium Glass 1540nm. Sometimes when scars cause scintillating phenomena (joints, neck, etc.) it is advisable to first perform a surgical correction (plastic Z or W or grafting) and then apply Laser Fractional. The problem of each patient is personalized and a clinical examination by Mr. Constantine Benetato will reveal your peculiarities to give you the best combination therapy.